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Legal Help For Victims Of Nursing Home Elder Abuse

Nursing homes are responsible for the conduct of their employees, the conditions of their facilities, and the general welfare of those who are in their care. Additionally, nursing homes are required to comply with state and federal regulations governing the health codes, licensing requirements, and staffing.

When neglect and abuse in nursing homes occurs,

it's not uncommon to find violations of state and federal regulations and a failure on the part of management to properly supervise the staff. At the law offices of Peach & Weathers, in Redlands and Riverside, our attorneys work with investigators, state inspectors, health professionals, and other experts in exposing health and safety violations, improper staffing and general negligence on the part of nursing homes.

We have the experience and knowledge to bring lawsuits against negligent nursing homes and work to obtain compensation for injuries and elder abuse that occurs in their facilities.

Elder Abuse

When a child learns that a parent is being abused in a nursing home, or by a...
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Nursing Home Abuse

We trust nursing homes to care for our parents and grandparents the way we...
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Nursing Home Neglect

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Recognizing Elder Abuse And Nursing Home Neglect

The following signs and symptoms of nursing home neglect and elder abuse should be reported to the authorities immediately:
Bed sores
Unattended wanderings
Unexplained bruises
Ligature marks around the wrists and ankles
Sudden emotional withdrawal
Missing personal items

Holding Nursing Homes Accountable For Their Negligence

Most nursing homes struggle with employee turnover. As a result, proper care is curtailed, employee background checks may not always be performed, and adequate supervision is often lacking. Our lawyers understand what to look for in elder abuse and nursing home injury cases. When necessary, we notify the State's Attorney General Office, as well as local law enforcement, in order to expose substandard care in nursing home facilities.

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