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Workplace Injury
We represented an employee who was injured when an employer provided inadequate work equipment.


Premises Liability Claim
We recovered a monetary award for injuries suffered at a recreational facility.


Recovered on behalf of a client for her claim against an insurance company for bad faith.


In a medical malpractice action for permanent brain damage to an infant who was given the wrong medication.


For worker who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a construction accident from a falling beam at a construction site.


For a truck driver who rear-ended other trucks in multi-tractor trailer accident.


In a wrongful death case involving a head-on collision in Los Angeles County.


Verdict: a car came off a tow truck and struck our clients vehicle.


In a medical malpractice / wrongful death case caused by a doctor's negligent misreading of an EKG. The patient died from a heart attack three weeks after the EKG.


In a medical malpractice / wrongful death case where a doctor failed to hospitalize a diabetic patient.


For serious burn injury caused by a defective barbeque grill.


Product Liability/Municipal Liability Lawsuit
Our attorneys successfully brought suit against the state of California and a vehicle manufacturer. The case involved a traumatic brain injury that resulted from a vehicle rollover. We demonstrated that the injuries were caused by dangerous road conditions and exacerbated by the crashworthiness of vehicle.


Municipal Liability
In a case against the state of California, we recovered damages resulting from dangerous road conditions, including black ice, which caused a serious spinal injury.


in a product liability case against a truck manufacturer for a serious spinal cord injury that resulted from a product defect.


For a traumatic brain injury suffered in a motor vehicle accident that resulted from a collision between a semi-truck and passenger vehicle.


For child with leg injury who was run over by heavy equipment operated by her father.


In a product liability claim for the amputation of a finger caused by defective machinery.


For a slip and fall case in a movie theater restroom, where a wet floor caused an ankle injury that required surgery.


For a head injury caused by a horse not properly restrained.


In a dog bite case that resulted in multiple injury, including a serious fall requiring knee surgery.
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