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Insurance is designed to provide financial support when misfortune strikes,

whether it is automobile, health, life, disability or other insurance. If your home is damaged in a fire, or if a serious illness results in a lengthy hospital stay, insurance is designed to cushion the financial setback.
It is considered bad faith when insurance companies unreasonably deny claims or delay payments, and policyholders have a right to fight back. At the Redlands office of Peach & Weathers, our attorneys advocate on behalf of individuals and businesses who are victims of bad faith insurance practices.
Redlands Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys

What Does A Bad Faith Insurance Claim Look Like?

Examples of an insurance company acting in bad faith include:
At Peach & Weathers, we know how to fight insurance companies that are trying to renege on legitimate policy claims. You should not have to accept the initial denial of your claim when coverage is clearly provided for in the insurance policy.
Unreasonable denial of a valid insurance claim
Underpayment of an insurance claim
Unreasonable delay in paying your insurance claim
Refusing to authorize medical treatment that is necessary
Unreasonable refusal to defend you if you are sued and you have liability coverage
Bad Faith Insurance
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