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3 summer driving hazards for Southern Californians

Southern California residents may not have to worry about snow and ice on the roads, but that does not mean drivers are free of seasonal hazards. Summer has its own driving risks as well. Being aware of them can help you to avoid an accident this summer.

Three common dangers you may face on the sunny San Bernardino and Riverside roads are tourists, teens and heat. Here is how to handle them to stay safe.

1. Tourists

Summer vacation brings people to Southern California for the numerous attractions and natural landmarks. With more people on the already congested highways comes more chances of getting in an accident. Also, tourists are likelier to drive while distracted. Stay away from popular routes if possible and allow enough room between you and other vehicles to accommodate for unexpected stops and turns.

2. Teen drivers

Summer vacation also means more teenage drivers behind the wheel, and driving for longer distances than normal. They, too, are likely to succumb to distractions such as cellphones, music and passengers. Teens also lack experience, raising their chances of getting into or causing an accident.

3. Heat

The increase in temperatures leads to auto problems such as:

The engine overheating
Tires blowing out
Batteries dying
Make sure your vehicle is in optimal condition and has high fluid levels. Check the wear and pressure of tires regularly and know what to do in an emergency. Keep handy items in your trunk, such as a spare tire, jack, jumper cables, first aid kit and water. Watch out for broken-down vehicles and tire remnants on the road.

The glaring sun responsible for the heat also decreases your ability to see clearly. Remember to keep your windows clean and wear sunglasses while driving.

When an accident happens

Despite the best preparations, accidents can still happen. If a distracted driver hits you, causing severe injury, you can sue him or her for damages. Call a San Bernardino personal injury attorney for legal assistance with your case.

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