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What Percentage of Car Crashes Are Side Impacted?

The privilege of driving comes with a great responsibility to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers are distracted from items like phones, navigation systems, or passengers, so car crashes are a common occurrence.

Car accidents can be grouped into a few different types. Side-impact crashes, also known as T-bone accidents, are one type of collision that can often result in serious injury or even death. But what percentage of car crashes are side-impact collisions?

The Different Types of Vehicle Collisions

A car crash can happen from just about any angle, but there are generally four different types of vehicle collisions based on where the impact occurs:

  • Head-on collisions. As the name suggests, a head-on collision is when the front ends of two vehicles hit each other. These collisions typically occur at high speeds and can be incredibly dangerous. The damage to both vehicles is significant, and the injuries to the occupants inside can be significant as well.
  • Rear-end collisions. This collision is when the back end of one vehicle hits the front end of another vehicle. These are often caused by distracted driving or tailgating and can result in serious injury to the neck and spine.
  • Rollover accidents. These accidents are when a vehicle tips over onto its side or roof and are typically caused by high speeds, driver error, or defects in the vehicle itself. Rollover crashes can be very dangerous, as occupants can be thrown out of the vehicle or crushed by the vehicle’s weight.
  • Side-impact collisions. These collisions are also known as T-bone accidents, and they occur when the side of one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. T-bone crashes often happen at intersections when one vehicle fails to yield the right of way to another. Side-impact collisions can be very dangerous, as the impact is often to the vehicle’s passenger compartment, where occupants are less protected.

So, what percentage of car crashes are side-impact collisions? It is generally estimated that side-impact collisions make up around 25% of all car crashes and might fluctuate on the higher or lower side in different years. Side-impact collisions tend to be more prevalent in urban areas and at intersections where there is more traffic. The danger of these types of accidents is often dependent on the speed the vehicles were traveling and the size difference between the two vehicles.

Any type of car crash can be dangerous, and it is important to be aware of the different types that can occur and their dangers. While not as common as other kinds of accidents, side-impact collisions can be some of the most dangerous. Be sure to drive safely and always yield correctly to avoid these accidents.

Tips to Avoid a Side-Impact Collison

Side-impact collisions are just one type of car crash that can occur. You can help avoid being involved in a side-impact collision by following these safety tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and always be on the lookout for other vehicles, especially when approaching an intersection. If you see a vehicle that does not appear to be stopping, do not assume that it will yield to you.
  • Always make sure you are properly maintaining your vehicle and that all safety features are in working order. This includes things like your headlights, taillights, turn signals, and airbags. These tools can help make you more visible to other drivers and help protect you in an accident.
  • Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not only is it illegal, but it can also impair your ability to make good decisions and react quickly to potential hazards on the road.
  • Be cautious when driving in bad weather conditions, and be sure to give yourself extra time to stop. Wet roads can make it more difficult to stop quickly, so leaving yourself sufficient space between you and the motor vehicle in front of you is crucial.

These tips can also help you avoid being involved in other types of vehicle collisions as well. Paying attention to the road when you are driving is a key component to staying safe when you are driving.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Involved in a Side-Impact Car Accident?

In any kind of vehicle accident, it is important to seek medical attention immediately, even if you don’t believe you are injured. Often, injuries from these types of accidents, such as whiplash, can take days or even weeks to manifest. Rejecting the opportunity to be evaluated by a medical professional right after the accident could result in a delayed diagnosis and a more difficult recovery.

It is also essential to contact an experienced car accident attorney who can help you navigate the legal process and ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries. The insurance companies will often try to minimize the amount they have to pay out, but an experienced attorney will fight to get you the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Before hiring an attorney, be sure to take pictures of the accident scene and get the contact information for any witnesses. This will be crucial evidence if your case goes to trial. You should also keep a journal of your injuries and how they are impacting your daily life. This can help to show the jury how the accident has affected you.

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