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3 tips for spotting distracted drivers

Distracted driving is a serious problem. Use of electronic devices causes up to 25 percent of car accidents according to a Governor's Highway Safety Association report. But texting is not the only distraction. Motorists could be distracted by eating, grooming or even being too engaged in conversation with passengers.

Not only should you avoid distractions yourself, but you should be alert for distracted drivers on the road so you can avoid a collision. Keep reading to learn how to spot a distracted driver and additional tips from

1. Delayed response time

One of the key signs of a distracted driver is by his or her response time. This is because many distractions are visual and cognitive. If a driver is texting or looking at a map, they may take longer to react to changes on the road. You might notice a driver taking a long time to react to a traffic light turning green.

2. Veering out of lanes

Difficulty maintaining lane position is a hallmark of a visually distracted driver. If someone is looking down at an electronic device or even a GPS on the dashboard for a few seconds, it could result in drifting from the center of the lane. If you see a driver veering to the side, it is a good indication you should leave extra space or pull over.

3. Driving too slow or too fast

Distractions can cause drivers to lose concentration of their speed. Whether it is a visual distraction from seeing the speedometer or speed limit sign or a cognitive distraction, this is an easy way to tell a driver is distracted. If you spot someone driving too slow or too fast for the flow of traffic, you might be witnessing a distracted driver.

If you notice any of these behaviors on the road, the best thing for you to do is increase your following distance.

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