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4 ways to eliminate distractions while driving

Despite strong efforts, car accidents and traffic-related fatalities are still prevalent across Southern California. In an article from the Los Angeles Times, studies found that while traffic deaths as a whole are decreasing throughout the United States, they are increasing in California.

One of the most common explanations provided for why so many collisions occur is because one driver became distracted while driving. When people take their eyes off the road, even for a second, it can result in a crash. Therefore, everyone needs to be vigilant and avoid distractions. There are plenty of ways for drivers to reduce their risk in addition to staying off their smartphones while behind the wheel.

1. Map out route beforehand

Many drivers rely on a GPS app on their phones to get around town. If people are unsure of where they are going, then they are more likely to pay attention to the phone than the road. Before heading out, drivers should have a decent idea of where they are going so that they do not have to exclusively rely on the app.

2. Avoid multitasking

Driving can be exhausting, especially if it is a long commute to work. However, drivers should never eat or apply makeup while operating a vehicle. It is acceptable to have the radio playing, but that is all that should be going on.

3. Avoid serious discussions

When driving with friends or family, avoid having particularly serious conversations. Getting caught up in the moment can lead to an accident. If drivers want to talk about relationships or money matters, then they should save it until they park.

4. Give some responsibilities to passengers

When driving, both hands should be on the steering wheel at all times. Do not spend time fiddling with the radio or responding to a text. If a driver needs to complete a task immediately, then hand off the responsibilities to a passenger.

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