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Accident at crash side kills woman, ending rescue effort

A truck driver who struck a vehicle along the side of the road is now facing criminal vehicular manslaughter charges. The accident happened in a town not far away from the Riverside area.

The accident happened on Interstate 10, a major highway that also passes near Riverside. A woman had previously been in an accident and had survived the initial collision. However, her car had flipped during the accident, and rescuers were trying to get her out of the vehicle. The other occupants of the overturned car managed to get out without assistance.

Officers working the crash observed the truck coming at them at full speed. The trucker was also reportedly in an area that had been closed off due to the prior accident. While officers saw some signs of braking, the driver later admitted to releasing the brakes out of fear that he would lose control of the truck. Two officers narrowly escaped getting hit.

As is the case in many truck accidents, the resulting collision with the overturned vehicle was catastrophic and left the unprotected woman who was trapped in the car dead. It is not clear whether and to what extent she suffered injuries in the prior collision.

Like all vehicles, truckers have an obligation to slow down at crash scenes and stay out of closed lanes.

In addition to the criminal charges, it is possible to hold negligent truck drivers accountable for their actions. By holding the truck driver and the company that hired him accountable, it might be possible to get compensation for mental anguish, medical bills, funeral expenses and lost income

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