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Advocating for the rights of truck accident victims

California is home to a wide variety of people who drive a range of vehicles. One type of motor vehicle drivers tend to encounter during their daily commute is a commercial truck. Motorists frequently encounter large trucks on major and minor roadways en route to their final destinations. While these large vehicles play a vital role in our nation's economy, they are also the source of some of the most serious motor vehicle accidents on the roadways.

Truck drivers are pushed to make lengthy drives within a certain timeframe; however, if meeting these demands means violating federal trucking regulations, this could result in a fatigued truck driver or an overworked driver. These situations are not only dangerous; they could be the culprits of a serious truck accident.

At Peach & Weathers, a Law Corporation, our experienced attorneys understand the devastation that could follow a truck crash. We are also aware of the causes and reasons for such a tragic event to unfold. Thus, we are dedicated to helping truck accident victims understand their situation and what options they have.

We have the skills and ability to fully investigate the matter, uncover necessary information and documentation, collect medical records and consult with experts in order to determine the cause and liability associated with a truck crash. With this information, our attorneys will calculate the damages suffered, helping our clients recover compensation needed to address the losses and damages arising from the accident.

To learn more, check out our law firm's truck accidents website. When you are a victim of a serious accident, such as a truck crash, you need an aggressive team to advocate for your rights. Therefore, victims should take the time to become fully aware of their rights and recourses.

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