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Car accidents often cause neck and back trauma

When it comes to car accidents in San Bernardino, many people do not give much thought as to how fragile their bodies are until they injure them. Though car accidents are sometimes preventable, injuries are not always avoidable. Many people suffer grievous injuries to their backs and spines. They often end up needing long-term care and therapy.

Back and neck injuries are very common in car accidents. The impact of collision often causes a great deal of strain on the muscles and ligaments in the neck and spinal areas. Accident victims may also suffer nerve and tissue damage in the affected areas that can result in delayed symptoms. It is not uncommon for some accident victims to feel a little sore immediately after crashes, only to realize in the coming days and weeks their injuries are much more severe.

Safety features cannot prevent neck and back injuries

Cars are equipped with safety features to protect two of the most vulnerable areas of the body, the head and chest. Though seat belts are meant to keep victims from becoming projectiles and thrown about their vehicles, they are not enough to protect their spinal columns from injury. Common neck and back injuries that car accident victims are likely to have include whiplash, spondylolisthesis, herniated discs and spinal fractures.

Immediate treatment can help prevent setbacks

Undiagnosed and untreated neck and back trauma can cause long-term pain and discomfort. Minor bruises and scrapes often heal on their own and require very little, if any medical attention. However, more severe wounds can become worse and lead to a more challenging recovery.

Car accident victims should monitor themselves for stiffness, soreness and discomfort that does not go away. Also, they should watch for headaches, tingling, numbness, weakness and loss of bladder function or control. Bear in mind that some signs of spinal cord and back trauma may not show up for years. The longer the time between the onset of the injury and start of treatment, the lower the chances of a complete recovery. Contact one of our Redlands car accident attorneys today for a consultation.

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