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Class action against Amazon for defective eclipse glasses

We have products that are necessary in our daily life, products to make life easier and products to make life more enjoyable. No matter the reason a consumer in California or elsewhere has for purchasing a product, a consumer is under the impression that what they have just purchased will work the way it was intended to. If a product does not, it could make it worthless or even generate much harm to a consumer.

This is what is being claimed against Amazon in a recent lawsuit. According to reports, consumers that purchased solar eclipse glasses from the Amazon's marketplace claim that they were defective. While experts warned that it is possible for eclipse glasses to not meet the normal standards for eye protection when staring at the sun, a class action against Amazon was filed for selling insufficient eclipse glasses.

One couple that purchased the glasses in question claimed that the glasses caused immediate headaches, caused their eyes to water and resulted in distorted and blurry vision during the days following the eclipse. Those involved in the class action claim that Amazon owed a duty of care to them, which was to distribute and sell eclipse glasses that were neither defective nor unreasonably dangerous when they are used in the manner intended. They also claim that they should have been inspected to ensure safety, a warning of post-sale defects should be issued and a recall should occur.

Being harmed by a defective or dangerous product can be shocking and traumatic. An injured consumer should note their ability to protect their rights, such as filing a products liability claim. This could help with the recovery of compensation and the ability to hold a negligent manufacturer accountable.

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