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Common causes of motor vehicle accidents on Halloween

Halloween brings costumes, parties and candy galore, but the celebrations also bring more pedestrians, drunk drivers, distractions and other risk factors while you are on the road. You can prevent being involved in a motor vehicle accident this year by being aware of the hazards and how to counteract them.


Whether you accompany your children or they trick-or-treat alone, make sure they follow these safety rules to avoid a vehicle hitting them:

Use sidewalks and crosswalks.
Bring flashlights or wear glow sticks.
Use face paint instead of masks, which can impair vision.
Stay in groups to increase visibility to motorists.
Watch out for vehicles backing out of driveways.
If you are out driving, go slowly, and try to take routes through nonresidential areas to avoid the many pedestrians.

Drunk driving

The majority of teen and adult Halloween parties are going to serve alcohol, which means more intoxicated drivers behind the wheel. Stay off the roads late at night, and watch for signs of drunk driving so you can stay out of harm's way. Even without alcohol, teens are not the best drivers, so act as chauffeur for your children instead of letting them ride with young friends on a night of so many dangers.


During Halloween, it is enjoyable to see all the cute, creative and scary costumes and check out all the crazy decorations on people's houses, which can lead to impromptu snapshots. Unfortunately, the sightseeing and photo-taking are hazardous distractions while driving. Motorists are likely to have their eyes all over the place, so protect yourself and others by keeping your eyes on the road.

Autumn conditions

Even without Halloween, the season comes with its own challenges for drivers. Deer are on the move, leaves clutter the streets, darkness falls early and the weather can turn foul. Drive slowly and turn on your lights as safety measures if a deer runs in your path or the roads are wet from rain. Keep your distance from other vehicles to allow enough room for sudden stops as well.

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