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Family receives $19.3 million for birth injury

A family was awarded a huge settlement earlier this year, $19.3 million, for birth injuries suffered by their daughter in 2012. The parents filed the lawsuit in 2015 alleging that their daughter had suffered severe brain damage (and as a result, debilitating cerebral palsy) due to injuries suffered at birth.

The parents alleged that the doctor failed to order an emergency C-section when the mother showed signs of placental abruption. A placental abruption occurs when the placenta separates from the uterine wall. These abruptions are dangerous because it deprives the baby of oxygen during the birthing process. The resulting deprivation is linked to cerebral palsy and other serious neurological disorders.

The settlement agreed to place $9.05 million in a special account to provide for the care of the child. The special account is notable because, in the U.S. system, plaintiffs are given one shot to recover all the compensation they will need for the injury. For birth injuries such as these, it is crucial that parents get enough money to care for their child. The lifetime costs of a child with cerebral palsy far outstrip most middle-class jobs, and government assistance is woefully insufficient to make up the difference.

Did you suffer an injury due to professional medical negligence? If so, you may want to speak to an attorney to review your rights ? you could have a valid claim for damages. As you can see, you need to ensure that you get all the compensation that you need in one shot. An attorney can ensure that you maximize your chances at a strong settlement, you will need that money for your future medical expenses.

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