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Helping you assert your rights in a products liability claim

In today's society, it is difficult for residents in California and elsewhere to get through their day without the help of various consumer goods. Whether it is a household item, a tool or a motor vehicle, individuals rely on these items to perform specific tasks. In fact, most people would be lost without the proper function of these devices. Unfortunately, these highly reliable devices do not always function correctly. Whether it is due to a manufacturing or design defect, a consumer good could malfunction. This not only means that a product is not working correctly, it also means that the item has the possibility of harming the user of the product.

No one expects that a product will fail, causing injury to the consumer. A defective or dangerous product could cause much harm to a consumer, resulting in serious injuries or even death. Because of that, it is important that individuals understand their rights following such an incident. At Peach & Weathers, our experienced attorneys understand what a shocking event a defective product can cause. Thus, we are devoted to helping injured consumers protect their rights and seek a favorable award for the harms suffered.

A products liability claim requires an understanding of the defect that caused the malfunction and what could have caused that defect. Our skilled attorneys have the knowledge and resources needed to understand whether it was a manufacturing, design or marketing defect that resulted in the injury in question. This information helps our attorneys pinpoint what parties are responsible. Additionally, this helps us assess the true value of the damages you suffered. And with the help of expert witnesses, we can assert the severity of your action, helping you protect your rights and the rights of other consumers.

To learn more, check out our law firm's products liability website. Whether you have suffered an injury or illness because of a consumer product, it is important to understand what options are available to address these harms suffered.

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