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Helping you take action against a negligent property owner

We often enter the properties of others. Whether it is when we enter a store, an office building, the post office or a friend's house, we are relying on the owners of these buildings to ensure that they are safe. Although we rarely question the safety of these locations, the reality is that many dangerous conditions are not obvious and apparent. Regardless of the type of danger, if it could have been noticed or fixed by the property owner, an injured visitor could hold the property owner liable.

No one expects to suddenly be injured by a hidden or discreet danger on the property of another. Additionally, no one expects to deal with the injuries suffered due to a slip-and-fall. At Peach & Weathers, a Law Corporation, our experienced attorneys understand the pain and devastation that can coincide with a premises liability incident. Thus, we are dedicated to helping those in the San Bernardino area assert their rights and hold a negligent property owner liable for the pain and losses they have caused.

In order to hold a negligent property owner liable, one must prove that they had knowledge or should have had knowledge of the dangerous condition. Our skilled attorneys have the resources necessary to help our clients conduct investigation, uncover information, collect documentation and consult with experts. Taking these steps have helped past clients assert strong premise liability claims, resulting in the collection of monetary awards.

To learn more, check out our law firm's premises liability website. A slip-and-fall accident could result in injuries to a wide variety of the body. This can cause medical bills to accumulate, lost wages to burden the victim and damages to amass. A premises liability action could help offset these hardships while at the same time hold a negligent property owner accountable for their wrongdoings.

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