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Holding a manufacturer accountable for a defective product

Thanks to modern technology, we can use a wide variety of products to help us accomplish many tasks. A microwave helps us cook and warm meals, a toy entertains a child, a flat iron styles your hair, a power tool helps build or repair an item and a motor vehicle helps us get to and from destinations. While these items help to make life easier, they could cause serious harms if they are defective.

Take for example a motor vehicle. If breaks are faulty or an airbag is improperly designed, this could result in serious or fatal harms to a motorist or passenger. Additionally, it could be the cause of a serious accident, injuring more than those occupying the defective vehicle.

Although recalls are issued to prevent harms when it is determined a vehicle has a defective component, this information is not always received in time. Thus, even recalls are not issued in time or provided to all automobile owners affected. Thus, individuals could suffer great harm because of these defects.

The attorneys at Peach & Weathers, A Law Corporation, are well versed in the laws surrounding products liability cases. Thus, they have the skills and resources needed to determine whether a product is in fact defective and who is to blame for the defect. Whether it is a design, manufacturing or warning defect, we help our clients in the Riverside area not only hold a negligent manufacture accountable but also help them recover compensation for their losses through a products liability action.

To learn more, check out our law firm's products liability website. Whether you are sure or not that a defective product has caused you or a loved one harm, it is important to investigate the matter. If evidence and information reveals that a defect is likely the cause, one should be aware of their rights and legal recourses in the matter.

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