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Navigating a product recall

A pervious post on this blog discussed how product recalls work. The most important thing Riverside residents should take from that post is the fact that a product got recalled does not have a Riverside resident the right to compensation other than a refund or a replaced or repaired product.

In order to get compensation for injuries, a person has to file a products liability suit against the manufacturer or another responsible party. Our law office can assist in this respect, as we have helped many people recover compensation for injuries caused by a defective product or dangerous product. We know how life-altering and serious these injuries can be, as they can, in the worst cases, leave a family without a loved one or, even if a person survives, without a means of financial support that they counted on.

Of course, filing suit after being hurt by a recalled product does not end the matter. Even if they have voluntarily recalled a product, manufacturers are not going to be likely to take a lawsuit lying down and pay whatever a person asks for, even if the amount being asked is reasonable and necessary compensation.

It will be necessary in most cases to prepare as if going to court, and that means we conduct a full and detailed investigation in to our client's claims, trying to anticipate what the other side is going to say in defense. Our investigation will not just cover liability, as a manufacturer may, or may not, be willing to admit fault in the face of a recall of the product. However, even a manufacturer that cannot argue about fault can and often will argue about the amount of compensation a case is worth. Therefore, we strive to present strong and effective arguments showing the full extent of a person's injuries and the impact on their lives.

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