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PERSONAL INJURY LAW 5 other dangerous distractions besides texting while driving

Distractions while driving are dangerous and deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nine people die and 1,000 people get hurt every day due to distracted driving accidents in the United States. Unfortunately, multitasking is a common problem despite the fact virtually everyone knows it is risky.

You probably already know that people who use cellphones while driving are harmful, but there are many other deadly distractions. Here are some other distractions besides texting or calling that may cause a crash.

1. Smoking activities

Some people just cannot put down their cigarette, vape pen or joint. Smoking, putting ashes in the tray or lighting up all make drivers take their hands off the wheel, eyes off the road and mind off the task of driving. This is a growing problem now that marijuana is recreationally legal in California.

2. Using vehicle controls or devices

Sometimes things that are inherent to vehicles cause distractions. Seemingly innocent actions, such as adjusting mirrors, using navigation systems, changing the climate controls or tinkering with the radio may all result in fatal crashes.

3. Moving pets

While people love to take their dogs with them everywhere, sometimes this may result in a dangerous situation. If a dog becomes excited or angry inside of a car, it may cause the motorist to become inattentive.

4. Grooming

Too many people groom themselves while driving. No matter how late people are for work, grooming is never a safe or acceptable activity. Putting on makeup, combing hair or shaving are all potentially dangerous behaviors.

5. Eating or drinking

People who use their cars as restaurants are partaking in risky behavior. When a driver sips on a coffee or chows down on a burger, he or she may cause you to get hurt in a wreck.

These are some common activities that may cause you to suffer serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

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