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Premises liability: Can I sue my landlord?

As a tenant living in an apartment in San Bernardino, you may believe you can sue your landlords for anything that goes wrong with your apartment that results in an injury. There are certain issues that property owners are responsible for that can affect the habitability of their properties and tenant safety. If they fail to handle those issues properly, you may have a claim for compensation. Here is a breakdown of what you should know about premises liability.

Property owners are responsible for making necessary repairs

Your landlords are responsible for making timely repairs to their property. If there are weak or collapsed stairs, broken windows, missing smoke detectors, damaged carpets and broken locks, they must inform you of those issues and make every reasonable effort to resolve them. If they cannot arrange for immediate repairs, they must provide you with sufficient notice about when they expect to have them resolved. Of course, these issues apply to the public areas of your apartment building.

Property owners are not responsible for everything

For repair issues inside of your apartment, you have a duty to inform your landlords of any problems. You should not assume that your landlords know, for example, that the lock on your bedroom window is broken. If you do not inform your landlords about issues that can affect your safety that were not present when you moved in, then you may have a challenge proving your claim.

Also, not all repair and safety issues are your landlords' responsibility. For example, they are not responsible for replacing your broken light bulbs or cleaning up any spills you made that can lead to slips and falls.

There are many gray areas with landlord and premises liability concerns. If you feel that your landlords' negligence is a factor in your injuries, you should speak to an attorney to learn about your options.

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