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Rain causes more fatal car accidents than snow and ice

You may feel like you are safe while driving in the winter in Southern California because there is no snow or ice. However, statistics show that rain causes a lot of car crashes. In fact, USA Today reports that rain causes the most fatal car accidents, over any other weather hazard.

So why is rain so dangerous? How does it contribute to so many motor vehicle accidents? Find out more by reading below.

Decreased visibility

Rain causes poor visibility that can result in roadway collisions. Your car interior can fog up quickly while on the road, making it hard for you to see your surroundings. Heavy rainfall and water splashing up on the windshield can also make it difficult for you to see the road or cars in front of you. You should always use windshield wipers and defoggers to maintain visibility in rainy conditions. It is also important to replace wiper blades regularly, so you do not discover a malfunction while on the road.

Reduced traction

Even the most well-maintained streets can get slick from a rainstorm. Apart from the fact that water alone can reduce tire traction, it can bring oils in the pavement to rise up and create a particularly slippery surface. These oil slicks are especially dangerous immediately after rain starts falling.

Inadequate driving skills

A lot of drivers do not know how to act when driving in the rain. Some California drivers that you may encounter may not know that they should reduce their speed and leave a greater following distance between them and other vehicles. Inexperienced and inattentive drivers are more likely to brake, slide and crash into you. Distracted or intoxicated drivers are even more dangerous in inclement weather.

It may not rain all the time here, but when it does, you should watch out for these deadly hazards. Even if you are the safest driver in the world, there is only so much you can do to avoid other drivers who do not know how to react to the rain. Contact our car accident attorneys in Redlands today for a consultation.

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