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Slip-and-fall accidents occur more frequently than you think

On behalf of of Peach & Weathers - A Law Corporation posted in premises liability on Friday, September 22, 2017.

There are certain situations that California residents do not expect to be in; one of those being a fall incident occurring at the property of another. The thing is that the average person enters the property of public and private property owners very frequently; therefore, it should be a possible scenario whether it is purely accidental or based on the negligence of a property owner.

A slip-and-fall accident is actually more common than one might think. Many are under the impression that fall accidents are exclusive for the elderly population, but this simply is not true. Anyone of any age could be a victim in a slip-and-fall accident, and frequently there is a negligent property to blame when one occurs.

Fall injuries account for roughly eight million emergency room visits each year. This makes falls the leading category for emergency room visits, which accounts for 21.3 percent. The injuries most frequently suffered in a fall accident are bone fractures, occurring in roughly five percent of all cases. Interestingly, slip-and-fall accidents are the primary cause for missed days at work, occurring in 22 percent of the cases. In fact, 85 percent of workers' compensation claims are based on slipping on a slick floor at work.

What should one do following a slip-and-fall incident? The first and most important step to take is to obtain medical treatment. This step should not be delayed and should be immediately satisfied following the accident. This does not only result in timely medical care for injuries suffered but it provides much documentation for the victim in case they decide to pursue a legal action. Next, it is important to consider the cause of the fall. Was it based on a dangerous condition that could have been prevented? If so, a premises liability action could help a victim recover compensation for their losses.

If a negligent property owner is to blame for your injuries, it is important to consider what options you have. It might be a shocking event that you never expected to be in. However, if there is a negligent property owner to blame for your injuries, it is vital to understand your recourses to hold that property owner accountable.

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