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Smartwatches are the latest thing to distract drivers

Smartwatches are the newest and coolest device that demands driver pay attention to its notifications, rather than the road. Smartwatches are "watches" that have been enhanced with computers and display. Most smartwatches pair with phones and display notifications from the phone and track numerous metrics about your body, usually health-related such as steps, heart rate, and estimated burned calories. Smartwatches, thanks to all the additional data, are now also the latest device to distract drivers from their number one priority, driving.

Safety experts have been ringing the warning bell for months (in some cases years) about the dangers of using smartwatches while driving. They point out that smartwatches, unlike phones, are placed on the wrist, therefore, drivers must both remove their eyes from the road and their hand from the wheel to see the latest alert. Additionally, the constant buzzing or beeping on the wrist is far more immediate and demanding than a smartphone which can be tossed in the adjacent seat. The effect is to create a device that drivers are unable to ignore.< Did you suffer a serious injury in an auto accident with a distracted driver? If so, then you may want to consult with a lawyer, you could have a valid claim for personal injury and damages. As you can see, there are numerous devices and distractions in front of drivers. If you were injured because someone could not stay focused on the road, you deserve compensation for your injuries. You will need that money to pay for your future medical bills and to keep your family finances afloat while you recover from the accident. An attorney can help you get the money you need so you can focus on your family and your recovery.

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