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Technology used to reduce fatigued truck driving

When it comes to semi-trucks and tractor-trailer truck drivers, motorists in California understand that most of these truck drivers are traveling long distances. Commercial trucks play a vital role in intrastate and interstate commerce, resulting in often trips taking several days to complete shipments. While these are necessary vehicles to have present on our roadways, they also present many dangers. One of which is fatigued driving.

Due to these lengthy trips and the ability of truck operators to drive long hours, exhaustion is likely to set in. Whether it is in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, a fatigued truck driver is very dangerous to have on the roadways. While federal trucking regulations attempt to address this issue through hours of service and mandatory breaks after so many working hours, this does not eliminate this risk.

Therefore, technology is being considered as a source to better address driving fatigue among truck drivers. A driver safety system is currently being implemented and might be a solution when it comes to reducing fatigue and distractions among truck drivers. The driver safety system keeps employees alert while also providing coaching opportunities for managers.

This technology works to jolt the driver by vibrating their seat if the camera senses that the driver's eyes are closed or are averted to another direction. The main idea of this system is that it knows where your eyes are and if they are open. Any events will be recorded and sent for review to assess if there were any false positives. If enough events occurred, supervisors will be notified, allowing them to take action if necessary.

While addressing fatigue and distractions among truck drivers is a great way to limit truck accidents resulting from these common causes, it unfortunately does not eliminate them all. Technology assistance or not, if a truck driver is negligent, he or she is likely to cause a crash. Those harmed in such an incident do have recourses. A personal injury claim could hold a negligent truck driver accountable, also helping an injured victim recover compensation for losses and damages.

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