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Two-car fiery crash in Anaheim on Thanksgiving

This past week, the roadways were likely busier due to holiday travel. Residents in California and other states might have traveled a short distance or a long distance to spend time with their families during the Thanksgiving holiday. However, no mater the distance traveled, motorists could encounter risks and dangers, one of them being reckless or distracted drivers. When a driver is not paying attention or is driving unsafely, this could cause a serious or even fatal accident.

According to recent reports, a two-car crash occurred in Anaheim during the morning hours on Thanksgiving Day. Both vehicles were engulfed in flames following the collision. This resulted is all lanes going eastbound on the Riverside Freeway to close. Reports indicated that one of the two vehicles flipped in the crash.

Good Samaritans assisted with the rescue of the four individuals from the two vehicles. The fire department and emergency crews responded to the crash, and set up a triage on-site prior to transporting the four victims to the hospital.

Investigation is still ongoing, and authorities have not made any speculations of the cause at this time. Once investigation is complete, the cause will be determined. This could help with establishing liability. If a negligent driver is at fault in a car accident, injured victims could take steps to hold them accountable. A Redlands car accident attorney could help a victim place a liability claim on a driver while also recover compensation for losses and damages.

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