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Two children are killed because of street racing accident

Hollywood has the tendency to glamourize some activities. While racing cars on the speedway is entertaining, it looks much more exciting to race on the roadways. Because of that, some drivers take to the roads to race against other drivers for monetary gains. Although they find this to be exhilarating, the fact of the matter is that this is a very dangerous and risky activity. Not only are the lives of the drivers involved put at risk but so are the lives of other travelers in the area.

Racing led to tragedy on a Riverside County roadway recently. According to California Highway Patrol, two children were killed as the result of a street-racing crash. Following preliminary investigation, the crash occurred around 5:40 p.m. on Oakwood Road.

At Brown Street, two vehicles began to race, with a Honda Accord traveling on the wrong side of the road. This resulted in a head-on collision with A Nissan Versa. Inside the Nissan were a man and two children, ages six and eight. All three were injured as well as the driver of the Honda. All were transported to the hospital where the two children later died.

Authorities say that the driver of the Honda is currently facing manslaughter charges. It is not clear whether he is facing any other charges at this time. Police are currently looking for the other driver involved in the street race, which was a black Nissan Altima.

Once investigation is complete, cause and liability can be established. This information can be valuable for those pursuing a civil action against the driver or drivers at fault. A personal injury claim or wrongful death suit could help in the recovery of compensation. A monetary award could help offset damages and losses arising from the incident

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