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Understanding California accident damages

n the aftermath of a car crash, your top concerns may not always include figuring out potential financial implications. However, while you should definitely take prompt action to address immediate medical concerns, you may find yourself having to deal with the financial aspects sooner than you would like.

After your accident, you may get a call from the other driver's insurance company offering you a settlement. Understanding the types of damages California law may entitle you to and what can go into an accurate calculation can help you say no to lowball offers. Discussing your case with a qualified attorney can provide you with a more accurate idea of what you can expect.

Actual harm

As with other types of personal injury, legal compensation in a car accident case must relate to actual harm it caused you. While you can get damages for likely future harm, courts want to see solid evidence showing the likelihood of this future harm rather than speculation about possible consequences. Experienced personal injury lawyers understand how to build a strong foundation for a future damages projection, including the sourcing of data and consultation with relevant experts.

Financial loss

One type of harm stemming from accidents is economic loss. This means actual financial losses such as expenses. Crash-related costs may include present and future medical treatments, medications, long-term care, home assistance and assistive devices. Another common source of economic damage is the accident's impact on your earning ability. Injuries may cause accident victims to cut their hours, miss days from work, lose their jobs, or be unable to find or keep any sort of employment. Calculating the trajectory of future economic loss can be complicated and involve a variety of methods.

Pain and suffering

The other major damages category consists of pain and suffering. The law acknowledges that the physical and emotional effects of an accident represent real, compensable harm. There can be no simple calculation formula for this type of harm, as each experience is individual.

Getting fair compensation starts with figuring out the likely type and extent of the harm the accident caused you. A knowledgeable lawyer can tell you more about what you can expect in your case and work to obtain the best available result.

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