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We handle a variety of premises liability cases

California landowners have an obligation to keep their property safe for others who come on it for legitimate purposes and, at least to some degree, even those who do not have permission to be on the land.

What many residents of Riverside, California, might no realize is how many different types of personal injury cases can be classified as a "premises liability" issue. The obvious ones are when someone slips or stumbles because of a wet, slick broken or uneven floor, but many other things also fall within the "premises liability" label.

For instance, a landowner has an obligation to make sure their parking lots or well-lit and that their premises are adequately protected from criminal activity. Lack of security or inadequate lighting can mean a person gets hurt during a crime or attempted crime. A landowner also has to make sure all of his or her fire safety equipment, including smoke detectors and emergency exits, are in good working order and ready for emergency use. Likewise, a landowner may be sued if he or she does not properly safeguard a pool or other hazard that may be attractive to children.

Our law office has handled all different types of premises liability cases and have on many occasions been able to get the compensation our clients have both needed and deserved. We like to be involved early on in cases because we feel that improves one's chances of preserving evidence and building a strong evidentiary case for a claim. After all, most landowners are not going to be eager to admit that they were negligent and will likely try to fix the dangerous conditions on their property after an accident.

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