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We pierce through murky medical malpractice cases

Although Riverside, California, residents go to a doctor and other medical professionals expecting to get better, in many cases, this never happens. In some cases, a treatment or procedure may go wrong and actually leave the patient in a worsened condition or, in the worst cases, even kill the patient.

Tragically, bad outcomes are not always preventable in the world of medicine. All medical procedures carry with them the uncertainty of a bad outcome. However, in many other cases, a doctor makes a mistake or missing something that he or she should have caught. In these situations, the doctor has breached his or her duty to the patient and owes the patient compensation for the patient's losses.

Of course, the difference between malpractice and an unfortunate result is often not clear, which is where our law office enters in on behalf of victims and injured patients. While we give an honest opinion if someone does not have a good case, we also know that many times the people in the greater Los Angeles area do have legitimate claims that are just complicated to prove, especially since doctors rarely come out and admit malpractice.

We understand that winning a medical malpractice case means relying on qualified experts to establish that a doctor or other professional did not follow the accepted practices of the local medical community, which is called the "standard of care." We have experience working closely with these experts and uncovering important medical information that helps our clients get the compensation they both need and deserve.

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