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We represent the families of pedestrians

A recent post on this blog described a tragic situation in which a Riverside, California, woman died after a vehicle hit her as she was trying to cross the street. Although this was a obviously a worst case scenario for the pedestrian, many other Californians, especially those in the greater Los Angeles area, suffer serious injuries when all they were doing is walking along a sidewalk or trying to cross a busy street.

Pedestrian accidents happen for many reasons. A distracted driver could simply not see a pedestrian, particularly if the person is walking where the driver does not expect. Motorists who are driving too fast for the conditions may not be able to stop for a pedestrian in time even if they do see the person. A drunk, drugged or even fatigued driver might literally not have the physical ability to stop. In most all cases, though, the pedestrian gets the worst of the ensuing collision.

Our law office represents both injured pedestrians and, following a fatality, the family of the pedestrian who died. Our approach is, first and foremost, to understand with as much detail as possible exactly what happened before, during and after the accident. We specifically want to understand the type and extent of a person's injuries or, if they have died, exactly how their loss has impacted a family. We can also assist our injured clients in connecting with the right professionals to provide quality medical care.

The next step we take is submitting all available claims that you have and of which we are aware to the proper insurance companies. In most cases, these will get settled, and you will get paid, long before we see the inside of a courtroom or, in many cases, even have to file suit. However, our attorneys also have extensive trial experience and will not hesitate to draw on the experience at all stages of your claim.

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