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What are the causes for outdoor slip and fall accidents?

On a daily basis, residents in California and elsewhere venture to places of business to run errands and make purchases. When visiting these places, however, customers do not expect to encounter dangers and risks. Unfortunately, risks exist both inside and outside of these establishments. These dangers could cause a fall, resulting in serious injuries.

What are the causes for outdoor slip and fall accidents? For the most part in California, ice is not an issue. However, this can be a noteworthy cause of some serious slip-and-fall accidents. This dangerous condition could be the result of a careless or negligent property owner. Such negligence could also be the cause of other falls outside of commercial buildings.

Inadequate outdoor lighting could lead to a slip and fall in a parking lot. If customers cannot see where they are going, they may trip over a curb, fall on steps or stairs or even trip and fall because of holes, cracks and uneven surfaces outside of the building or shopping center. Parking lots could also be riddled by danger if a property owner does not properly maintain it. This means that they fill and patch cracks and holes. Also, this means making the differences in height from one section of a parking lot to another gradual, as abrupt changes could cause slips and falls.

Sidewalks can also be the culprits for slip-and-fall accidents. While property owners are not responsible for incidents caused on public sidewalks, some courts could impose liability on a property owner when customers coming to and from their business exclusively use a sidewalk. Additionally, property owners will be held liable for dangerous conditions existing on private walkways.

When you are a victim of a slip-and-fall accident, it is important to understand the cause. This could help the injured individual take steps to uncover liability, holding the party at fault liable for any harms and damages suffered through a premises liability suit.

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