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What are the three types of product defects?

When we purchase goods, we often focus on being able to use these new items. A consumer does not often think about these products not working or these items causing harm to a consumer. Nonetheless, these instances are a real possibility. As defects can enter the stream of commerce for a wide variety of reasons. Thus, injured consumers should take the time to explore the cause of their harms and if a defective product is to blame.

Whether it is a household item, a motor vehicle or technology device, when a product does not work in the manner as it was intended, this is considered a defect. There are three major types of defects. Understanding how defects could occur can help explain to victims how his or her injuries and damages occurred.

What are the three types of product defects? The first is a design defect. This means that there are errors in the actual design of a product, causing it to malfunction. The second type is a manufacturing defect. This occurs because errors were made at some point during the manufacturing of the product. The final defect type is a warning defect, which occurs when a manufacturer fails to adequately warn consumers of the risks a product poses.

An injury caused by a defective product is a shocking event. Even more so, consumers are not likely to realize that a defective product is to blame. By exploring your options following such an incident could help a consumer exert his or her rights, helping them secure a compensation award if they are entitled to one in a products liability action.

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