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What can you do following a hit-and-run accident?

People avoid situations for one of two reasons. One, they believe that the matter does not involve them, so they cut themselves from the situation. Two, they do not want to face the reality of the matter or endure penalties for it. These two reasons could help explain why a person might leave the scene of an accident. They may not believe they caused it and do not want to be involved, or they know they are at fault and do not want to face the consequences.

Regardless of why a person might leave the scene of an accident, the reality is that victims are put in an extremely vulnerable position when involved in a hit-and-run crash. Here they are left dealing with the pain and suffering of injuries and the damages related to the crash and they do not have anyone to blame. What can you do following a hit-and-run accident?

A victim can remain involved in the investigation process. They can provide details of the vehicle and possibly the driver as well. They can help uncover witnesses and participate in any questioning. When the driver that fled the scene is located, a victim can use the charges against them to help prove liability in a civil action.

When a person leaves the scene of an accident, this typically exerts fault. And when the accident they left caused damages, injuries or death, the driver is faced with criminal liabilities as well. The information from the criminal action could be used in a civil action as well, helping the injured victim prove liability and recover compensation for losses and damages suffered.

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