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What risks do truck drivers face?

Unlike the average motorist, the average truck driver is tasked with driving long hours, often during the nighttime hours. While it is possible to train one's body to work at night and sleep during the day, many truck drivers still operate a large truck during both the night and daytime hours. This matter could generate dangers, as it is unsafe for a tired or fatigued truck driver to be behind the wheel of a truck.

What risks do truck drivers face and how does this present danger? Because dangers and risks exist in the trucking profession, the trucking industry has taken measures to regulate the driving hours of truck drivers while also employing additional measure to keep truck drivers and other motorists safe on the roadways. Nonetheless, truck drivers face many challenges, which translates to risks still existing on the roads.

One problem is the number of trucks on the road. Because of this, truck drivers are finding it harder to find free parking in order to take a break. Therefore, truck drivers keep driving. This causes some drivers to not only break the hours of service regulations but also cause them to become fatigued.

There are certain rules that every single truck driver must follow. To begin, a driver is supposed to drive 11 hours and then take a required break lasting 10 hours. After being off the clock for 10 hours, a truck driver can then drive another 11 hours. For the most part, truck drivers realize there is only so much time he or she can devote on the road. They do not believe going over the edge is worth it. Even more so, truck companies are more likely to keep tabs on their drivers, noting how long they have driven, how far and how fast.

Thus, when a truck driver fails to abide by the rules of the road and does not follow federal trucking regulations, this could be the cause of a serious accident. A truck crash is typically a large accident site and could involve multiple vehicles. Several victims could result, leaving them with serious and even life threatening injuries. Those harmed should consider their legal recourses such as filing a personal injury action.

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