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What types of injuries do you sustain in a car accident? Part 1

Car accidents occur every day by the thousands which is probably why people do not appreciate the extreme danger they are in every time they get into a car. Cars and trucks are several tons when they crash into one another; huge physical forces are unleashed which can substantially damage a frail human body. This post will go over some of the injuries you can suffer in an accident, specifically to the head and neck.

Head and neck are the most common injuries you can sustain in a motor vehicle accident. These injuries run from the relatively mild, like stiff or sore necks after a fender bender. To the dangerously serious, like concussions and brain damage. There are two general types of injuries. First, injuries that occur when the neck snaps forward and back. This injury, commonly called "whiplash," occurs when the car is struck from behind. Usually, it is relatively benign, but it can result in damage to the spinal cord.

The other injuries occur when the head strikes the steering wheel or dashboard. These injuries only occur if the driver is not wearing a seatbelt or the seatbelt malfunctions. These are often serious and can cause long-term brain damage resulting in cognitive decline.

If you were injured in a car accident, then you may want to contact a car accident attorney. If you were seriously injured, then the other driver?s policy limits may not be sufficient to pay for your current and future medical expenses, you may need to file a lawsuit. A lawyer can go over how you might obtain a fair settlement to secure your future. You don?t need to go this alone, an attorney can lend a helping hand, so you can focus on rebuilding your life.

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