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Young girl struck and killed by alleged drunk driver

When traveling on the roads, it is clear that dangers exist. Drivers could be distracted, fatigued, reckless and even intoxicated. This puts other drivers and passengers at risk. However, these same dangers exist to those near the roadways. Specifically, when a pedestrian is walking at a nearby sidewalk or traveling through a crosswalk. When a driver is not driving safe, those nearby are put at risk.

This is what tragically occurred in Southern California in a recent fatal automobile collision. According to reports, the motorist was under the influence of alcohol when he struck and killed a six-year-old girl. Police indicated that the 52-year-old man attempted to make a turn when he lost control of the vehicle. This resulted in him driving onto a sidewalk, striking the young girl. The driver then collided with a parked car before coming to a stop. The young girl was transported to the hospital where she later died.

Officers reported that the driver remained at the scene of the crash, cooperating with their investigation. Following a breath test, police found his blood alcohol content to be 0.23 percent, which is nearly three times the legal limit in the state. The man was placed under arrest and charged with the suspicion of felony drunk driving, felony vehicular manslaughter and driving with a suspended license.

Following a fatal crash, especially one that takes the life a young victim, the lives of family members can drastically change. The grief that follows a tragic loss can be tremendous. It can cause family members pain and suffering, financial losses and lifelong damages. Thus, considering your legal options, such as a wrongful death suit, could prove beneficial, as it can cover medical bills, funeral costs and other losses.

Source:, "Driver arrested in DUI crash that killed California girl, 6," Feb. 18, 2018

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