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3 Things to Remember About Premises Liability This Halloween

On Halloween, homes transform into your friendly neighborhood haunted house. And if you love the tradition of fake tombstones, spooky skeletons, and fog machines, your home’s likely a trick-or-treater favorite. But while you participate in the festivities, make sure that all visitors to your spooki-fied house stay safe. After all, Halloween should only be scary in the name of fun. In order to promote safety and to prevent an instance of premises liability, follow these tips to eliminate potential Halloween hazards.

Promoting Safety on Halloween:

  • While dark corners add a spooky element to your haunted display, be sure that walkways and your yard are well-lit. This will help prevent an instance of a slip and fall accident.
  • Eliminate any tripping hazards. This point especially applies to your yard decor. Set aside all electrical cords, in-ground accessories, and other decorations. In doing so, you’ll make sure that the scare factor of these things is purely artificial.
  • Candles in your Jack-O-Lanterns add a creepy effect to this holiday icon. However, they present a fire hazard in the case that they are accidentally tipped over. To avoid this occurrence, consider swapping out the real flame for one that is instead battery-powered.
  • Fog machines are the ultimate accent to a haunted house. They instantly add mystery to your setup. That’s because they make it quite difficult to see the ground on which you walk. And so, they pose a significant danger for a slip and fall accident. This year, to promote safety, consider opting out of the fog machine.
  • Keep pets away from the door as it opens and closes for trick-or-treaters. No matter your confidence in your pet’s kindly manner, a single random act of aggression can cause serious injury. And in the case that your pet injures a visitor to your home, you could be held liable.

Conditions under which you may be held liable:

Take note of these qualifications of premises liability. And on this upcoming Halloween, make sure that your property is safe for all visitors.

  1. As the property owner, you must have caused the dangerous conditions under which someone was injured.
  2. You must have had some awareness of the dangerous conditions but neglected to fix it.
  3. You may also be held liable if there was a good reason you should have known of the danger but failed to take action.

This October 31st, be sure to implement all necessary safety measures for your annual visit of ghosts, princesses, and astronauts. And remember, if you do not wish to take part in handing out Halloween treats, simply turn off your porch light to communicate this message. It will discourage trick-or-treaters from approaching your home. But no matter what, be sure to keep your property safe on this particular night. If you or a loved one have been injured in a case concerning premises liability or if you have questions on this subject, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Peach and Weathers. We are Redlands’ trusted personal injury lawyer and are prepared to serve you in this time of need!

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