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5 Steps to You Should Take After an Injury

5 Steps to Take After an Injury

The aftermath of an injury is a stressful and uncertain time. You might be physically disabled, worried for your future, and unsure of the steps you’ll need to take, all at once. In the event of an accident in which you or someone else is injured, be aware of what to do next. Do not prolong your suffering with the complications of a legal situation and attend to your responsibilities. Here are five recommended steps you need to take in the wake of an injury.

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    Take Diligent Notes.

    Record exactly what happened in every step of the process as well as all injuries incurred. Be sure to answer: what exactly happened? And what type of injuries were experienced? Include all details about each part of the incident. Along with these notes, remark how you were affected by the process.

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    Take photos and Preserve any Physical Evidence.

    Take photos of the scene of the accident, your injuries and any property damage incurred. In addition to photos, collect all records pertaining to your case. These should include medical records, receipts, and estimates to back up your claims.

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    Request a Full Police Report.

    Immediately following your accident, contact authorities to file a report. This documentation will assist your attorney in a personal injury dispute. It will also contain any available witness information.

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    Inform Your Insurance Company.

    As you explain what took place and the precise extent of your injuries, be sure to provide all details truthfully. Do not withhold any information and cooperate with all of their requests.

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    Call an Attorney.

    Do not endure this alone. Be sure to get legal advocacy for the most successful outcome of your case. Choosing your attorney is an important decision. And choosing the right one can be challenging. Take into account their proximity to your location, their focus of practice as well as their years of experience and reputation. A competent lawyer that is compassionate, attentive and skilled in trial advocacy, will strengthen your opportunity for success.

When you are injured and require legal assistance, call on us at Peach and Weather’s Law firm. With over 60 years of combined experience in personal injury law, we are prepared to immediately investigate your case, assist you in seeking treatment and prepare your case for optimal recovery either through settlement or if necessary, trial.

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