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Careening Carriages: Jogging Baby Stroller Faces Recall

BOB Stroller Recall

BOB strollers are praised in online reviews, recommended on baby blogs, and rank high on the outdoorsy parents’ list of must-have items. They are the stroller version of a Hummer H3, tackling the rugged terrain of your neighborhood’s trail system. For the runner mom and dads out there, this is an essential. And though they come at a price, typically ranging from $300 to $600, they are assumed well worth the money.

However, the Washington Post released an article that shed some bad light on this popular jogging stroller brand. It revealed the multiple injuries incurred by the front wheel’s spontaneous malfunction. In reference to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the Post wrote, “Nearly 100 adults and children were injured, according to the commission. The agency’s staff members investigated for months before deciding in 2017 that one of the most popular jogging strollers on the market was unsafe and needed to be recalled.” The resulting injuries were brutal, often involving broken bones and torn ligaments. It seemed clear that a recall of this product was necessary.

But a recall never happened. How come? First, the parent company of BOB strollers, Britax, refused the request for a voluntary recall of 500,000 strollers. Britax claimed that the strollers were safe and that consumers had been adequately informed on how to secure the front wheel. And when the agency threatened to sue and force a recall, Britax kept fighting.

The Fate of Jogging Strollers

While the fate of BOB strollers looked grim, new leadership was about to change everything. According to the Post, the CPSC appointed a new chairwoman who undermined other officials to end the case. Any sign of overly lenient regulations for products could bode danger for consumers.

The Washington Post noted, “consumer advocates said changes at the Consumer Product Safety Commission could be a worrisome sign of regulators pulling back at an agency that oversees safety in 15,000 everyday products, from toys and dressers to lawn mowers and table saws.” In consideration that the CPSC oversees so many products, it is vital that they do not overlook obvious threats.

jogging stroller recall

Safety ought to be the primary concern of manufacturers, administrators, and law-enforcers. However, it seems that this case may have fallen through the cracks. So what does this mean for BOB stroller owners? The company has not offered much to consumers of their faulty products. They do have a legal obligation to repair or replace a stroller in the case of it breaking. However, if you have concerns, make sure to watch their posted videos on tightening the front wheel. You may also contact their information line with questions.

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