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Boeing Backfires To The Max: A Defective Design

Boeing Backfires to the Max: A Defective Design

Jackson Musoni, a 31-year-old Rwandan was killed on March 10 in the fatal crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. He was among 157 victims, including 22 U.N. workers. And now, the tragedy has heads turning and fingers pointing at the aircraft involved. The Boeing 373 Max 8 also experienced a crash in October 2018. That’s why this particular jet now appears responsible for the 346 lives lost in these two tragedies, which occurred a mere five months apart.

A lawsuit was filed by the estate of Jackson Musoni for wrongful death against Boeing following the accident. The company is accused of defectively designing new software made specifically for the 737 Max jet.

These planes were uniquely outfitted with a bigger engine, designed for fuel efficiency. The change, however, caused a shift in the plane’s center of gravity, prompting the plane’s nose to pitch up after take off. So, in response, Boeing implemented software called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System or MCAS, that would initiate the opposite effect.

However, the MCAS is now the suspected source of Boeing’s wrongdoing. And in further investigations, both Boeing and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration hold responsibility. Each institution negligently certified the 737 Max 8 with the FAA having awarded too much regulatory authority to Boeing.

It was discovered that the company also failed to re-train and test pilots with this new system. In fact, both the FAA and Boeing failed to even inform pilots of the change. It is suspected that corners were cut for the benefit of cost efficiency.

Since the aircraft’s second crash, dozens of countries and airlines have grounded the 737 Max 8. In this time, Boeing also announced a new software update. It claims to prevent data from triggering the anti-stall system. However, before it establishes improvements and recovers, Boeing will have to answer to strong legal accusations.

Nothing will recover the lives that were lost this past October and March. The families of those lost will continue to grieve while we all will mourn what should have been prevented. However, as justice continues to fight for more effective regulations and higher standards of safety, we can all look toward a brighter future.

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