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NCAA Nike Shoe Failure

NCAA Nike Shoe Product Failure

For an athlete like Zion Williamson, assurance in quality footwear is of high priority. His trust was tested in February however when the Duke basketball star suffered a knee sprain after his Nike shoe ripped apart. The sudden accident threatened the player’s season in one of their most significant games against North Carolina.

A company that is known for its high performance and top tear technology failed one of the most prized representatives of its brand. And it wasn’t a common tear or minor issue. Brand expert Mario Natarelli commented that this accident was clearly due to the shoe structure failure of Nike’s manufacturing. So, fingers are now pointed at the famous basketball outfitter.

The Nike shoes were likely defectively manufactured, as they so evidently ripped apart upon Williamson’s fall.

Therefore, the company could face product liability in the case that the athlete’s injury is severe enough to prompt a lawsuit. Though this is unlikely, the spotlight under which this instance took place could not be more threatening to Nike. The paramount game provided many witnesses to the shoe’s failure and resulting injury. Plus, Williamson’s promise for a career in the NBA would make his potential damages against Nike quite significant.

In addition to Williamson’s potential to sue, is that of Duke’s. The University has a 12-year contract with Nike to outfit their players until 2027. In the case that they see a reasonable association with their athlete’s injury and the shoe’s manufacturing, the program could file a lawsuit in accordance with this contract.

Nike Shoe Failure

Product liability cases are a serious matter and can result in injuries like Williamson’s. Even highly regarded brands like Nike are susceptible to defects in their products or design. It is therefore important to keep manufacturers accountable for the goods that they produce. With safety in mind, this is what we at Peach and Weathers strive to do for our clients. If you are confronted with a product liability case, please do not hesitate to contact us for legal counsel and guidance. While you may not be a star basketball player, your case and injury are of just as high value.

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