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Spinal Cord Injury From Construction Sites

Construction can be, quite literally, back-breaking work. The every-day, labor-intensive demands render its workers at high risk for injury. And in the case that a construction worker is severely injured, he or she may be unable to work for an extended period. It is a scenario that may cause devestation to not only an individual’s physical health but to their way of life as well. Especially in the instance of a spinal cord injury, construction workers may suffer compounding hardships.

We at Peach and Weathers are committed to justice and fair compensation for those injured on the job at a construction site. So, in the case that you or a loved one has injured their spinal cord from a construction site incident, we are here to offer our expert legal counsel.

In the unfortunate case of a spinal cord injury, we will consider:

1. What were safety guidelines in place at the time of the accident? Were these sufficient and adequately implemented?
2. Were the employees at the site all properly trained and supervised?
3. Were all materials and equipment operating in accordance with safety standards?

We will analyze the situation to determine what went wrong and who may be liable. It is important that if you experience an injury as damaging as one to the spinal cord, that you receive compensation in accordance with your related expenses. These may include:

Medical expenses - inpatient hospital, outpatient and in-home services
Long-term disability
Modifications to the needs of everyday life- modifications to home and vehicle
Reduced earning capability and lost wages

Besides the physical pain one may suffer from a spinal cord injury, an individual may endure several other associated challenges. These are deserving of compensation and we are available to assist in your legal guidance through this process. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at Peach and Weathers for help in this challenging time.

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