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Spinal Cord Injury from Medical Malpractice

Medical errors are a common source of injury. Though we can generally trust the competence and training of our physicians and other health care providers, mistakes can, of course, be made. It is important that those in the field of medicine meet a high standard of excellence and that when an unfortunate error or a case of negligence takes place, they are held accountable. This is especially important in the instance of a resulting spinal cord injury. Such injuries can have a devastating toll on an individual’s entire well being. So, in the case that you or a loved one suffers a spinal cord injury from medical malpractice, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Peach and Weathers for legal guidance. Smiley face

Common sources of medical malpractice related spinal cord injury: 

  • Failure to communicate the potential hazards within a medical care facility such as a hospital or a nursing home. 
  • A medical error that took place while implementing a spinal block or anesthetic. 
  • Failure to diagnose a tumor on the spine.
  • An error during surgery.
  • A delay in the initiation of a medical procedure. 
  • A birth injury. 

Though there are several others, these most typically occur. It is essential that you reach out for legal assistance in the occurrence of a spinal cord injury that is related to medical malpractice. You deserve rightful compensation to ease the burden of this difficult time. Contact your trusted and experienced personal injury lawyer at Peach and Weathers law firm for counsel and justice.



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