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The Fatal 4 Construction Injuries

The Fatal 4 Construction Injuries

What number can you put in your “___ Days Accident Free” sign? Construction accidents happen more frequently than commonly believed. Carelessness, violations, and corners cut can lead to severe injuries and even death. So, it is necessary that safety standards are met and upheld with diligence in your workplace. Do not subject your employees to danger while on the job!

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), of the 4,674 workplace deaths in 2017, about 20 percent took place in construction. Their added exposure to hazards puts these employees at higher risk for injury. So, if you’re staff is involved in construction or any other sort of physical labor, make sure to take special precautions.

The following are what OSHA calls the “Fatal Four.” These are the deadliest incidents for workers- accounting for about 60 percent of construction-related injuries. Take note of these instances of exceptionally high-consequence.

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    These are, by far, the most common cause of death among workers. For those who work from high perches of scaffolding and beams, improper protection from a fall could have devastating consequences.

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    Getting hit by an object.

    Staff members with a labor-intensive job must involve sufficient safety measures when working with heaving objects. The case of something falling on a worker is the second leading cause of death among workers.

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    When dealing with electricity, employees are subject to extreme hazards. That’s why it is necessary that you abide by safety standards in preventing this type of accidents. Employees must receive proper training as well as adequate materials and equipment.

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    Getting caught in equipment.

    Construction workers are especially likely to work with large and heavy materials and equipment. And in the instance that they are struck or crushed by a collapsing structure, they will be subject to horrible injury and even death.

While OSHA serves to protect workers by providing guidelines for their optimized safety, oftentimes these standards are violated, resulting in serious injury or death. These are among the most-frequently unenforced OSHA standards recorded in 2018 for construction workers.

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    Inadequate fall protection.

    In the case that a construction worker falls, their injuries should be mitigated with proper protection. However, if safety measures are not upheld, an employee could experience a devastating injury.

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    Improper scaffolding.

    This temporary structure used to support a work crew and their materials is often dangerous for workers. Common violations to OSHA standards on scaffolding can render deadly consequences.

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    Though seemingly simple, ladders can be exceptionally hazardous. Their instability increases one’s likelihood of falling a long distance. It is essential that OSHA regulations are met when dealing with this standard yet dangerous construction tool.

Construction Injuries

If you employ construction workers or those whose role requires physical labor, it is necessary that you implement the adherence to OSHA regulations. Keep your staff safe and avoid liability for their injuries. And if you or a loved one has been involved in a workplace accident, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Peach and Weathers Law Firm for expert legal guidance and counsel.

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